Matcha Tea Gave Me My Life Back

Unicity Matcha Tea

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About three months ago Eric and Shawan Rizzo accepted my invitation to our weekly networking lunch. We share leads and referrals for our primary business. We also have a presentation and discussion on the benefits of the Unicity’s core products: Balance, Complete and Matcha Tea.

They were interested and signed up for the core pak. Shawna was working full time and so Eric was the primary attendee at our weekly meeting. A little over a month later we asked if anyone wanted to share a product experience. Eric said he did. He told the story that he was a cancer survivor and that as a result of chemo and radiation treatment he had difficulty focusing, experienced a significant lack of energy and in general was not able to function all that well.

I had noticed some communication difficulty when I first met him but overall I didn’t notice anything drastic. However from his view in comparison to how he was before the cancer the changes was drastic in a negative way. To compound the situation his thyroid reading was at a 6 with 5 being the high end of the range. His doctor wanted to put him on prescription medication and he would have to take the rest of his life.

He told us all of this at the luncheon and it was difficult for him to talk about. But then he said that he had been using the Matcha Tea for about a month and after three weeks his energy return, he was able to work with energy up to 16 hours when necessary and in a recent blood test his thyroid reading was 4.5. His words with very strong emotion “I have my life back!”

Click Here To Read The Amazing Benefits of Matcha Tea

Eric then told us a Facebook friend and cancer survivor was seeing some of his posts and wanted to know what he was doing because he had the same issues Eric had. Eric told him and sent about a week supply to him by Federal Express. In three days his friend wrote that he was able to get off the couch and go for a moderate hike with his wife and children.

All of us in the room were mesmerized by Eric’s story. Shawna has been able to quit her job and devote all of her time to their construction and Unicity businesses. This past week they announced they are overbooked so I have coaching call scheduled with them to help them grow their businesses without being overwhelmed. Shawna has told us her friends say she is more focused and she credits the Matcha tea for that and the Balance and Complete products for helping her maintain her weight as she is running less because of their busier schedule.

Now It is your turn to experience these products and tell us your story. To get started:

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Steve Pohlit
Unicity Franchise Owner

5 thoughts on “Matcha Tea Gave Me My Life Back

  1. Shawna Rizzo

    All true. The products are amazing! I am so happy for my husband to feel like his old self again. He is very productive now. I feel amazing!!

  2. Eric Rizzo

    I really can’t express enough my gratitude to you Steve. Little did I know that first night we met at the Denny’s in St. Pete on US 19 how much you would’ve had an effect on my life. I’ve never been comfortable speaking about my cancer & recovery to anyone, let alone speaking publicly. People don’t understand how chemo & radiation treatments can have a long term effect after the cancer is gone. I have been diagnosed with what is called “chemo brain”. Symptoms vary & particularly in my case, my ability to process new information. Also when speaking I have moments of difficulty processing my thoughts into words. Sometimes it’s really bad & very embarrassing.
    HOWEVER, since I have began the Unicity Prime Pack, my life is forever changed. The Matcha Tea was what caught my attention at first. ANYTHING to help give me energy & help my ability to focus would be great. My expectations have been BEYOND EXCEEDED! Everything you posted about “my story” is 100% true. Thanks again Steve for everything!

  3. Eric Rizzo

    I never expected to see results anywhere near what I experienced. I stopped all the medications & supplements I was on as soon as I started these products. Isn’t that the best way to put something to the test? I will admit I wasn’t very optimistic. I stopped doing my maximum strength 5 hour energy shots 2x a day. I began feeling like a “normal” person. I was able to function normally throughout the day & accomplishing things I used to struggle with on a daily basis for YEARS since my cancer battle. I’m still not at 100% and probably never will be, but I feel about as good as I can remember prior to cancer nearly 5 years ago. I feel obligated to share my experience with these products to others, especially cancer survivors so they too can benefit from these products as well.

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