The Goal: Improved Health With Lower Cholesterol, Preventing Diabetes, Weight Loss and More

Hello and welcome.  I am  Steve Pohlit and I am a Unicity Franchise Owner.  You are here because someone told you about it, you stumbled upon it or my article at  Build Business Profits connected you here.

This is about the business of Unicity that rewards you for helping other people improve their health and their life. This is the start of me encouraging you to take a look. If this inspires and impresses you then I will be delighted to help you get started on your path to better health and lifestyle.

The Simple Formula for Getting Started

First Set Aside 20- 30 minutes to watch a couple videos that I find impressive and hope you will to.

1. Introduction

2. The Business

The Products 

There are about 125 products offered by Unicity. In my experience once a person understands the powerful benefits of Unicity Balance  it is easy to expand our view to complimentary products for improved health.  Unicity Balance is the core product of our highly effective transformation program. Watch this:



If You Need More Information About The Effectiveness and Medical Support for These Products

1. Watch This Presentation From A Doctor

2.: I respect your time. Please Email Me Now with a couple times when you will have 15 minutes where you can focus on our discussion and be at a computer. I will show you the extensive support we have from the medical community for our products.

Contact Information
Steve Pohlit, Unicity Franchise Owner, License 794608

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