Your Prime

No matter what your age, when someone says ‘back to your prime” you have a picture. I know exactly my picture and it starts with being at my ideal weight. I have now been at my ideal weight for 3 months. I am confident I will stay there and may even redefine ideal next year by five pounds or so. But I am not at my prime for physical performance and stamina. I ran 13 marathons in my prime and played Ice Hockey in my 20’s or rather my 40’s I can do all that again. I have an image for my Prime.

Being AT Your Prime Starts With Your Diet

back to your prime 1Unicity Core Pak helped me release my last 10 Pounds and achieve my ideal weight. Now It is helping me keep it there. There is more – register here at this page with your name and email What is coming is Google Hangouts and alot more dedicated to helping you get back in your Prime

If This Catches Your Attention

1. Visit and read the product tab
Steve Pohlit Business Turnaround Consultant, Real Estate Investing Coach, Real Estate Investor,  Unicity  Franchise Owner2. Contact me for help with ordering this product

Bonus – Read What Eric Says

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