What Can I Do For you?

This is a good question you should be asking yourself. After all, you want to make money from your own home business, right?  You want someone who knows what they’re doing to show you how, right?  My direct partner in this business lives 20 minutes from me and I have known Jim since 1994. While I was buying and selling companies and working with businesses all over the country showing them how to implement cutting edge marketing and profit improvement programs, Jim was quietly being paid millions of dollars from his Bios Life Franchise business.

I have been growing weary of the travel and quite frankly some of the people that I was encountering.  Have you heard there are no coincidences?  Well a short while ago Jim called and asked me if I would be interested in taking a look a new products and developments in the compensation plan. We met for lunch and continued our meeting at his office building.  I was surprised at the developments and knew I wanted to reactivate my involvement with Unicity.

You are welcome to read my full resume at www.StevePohlit.com I am not posting all that here as I want you to understand there is an incredible team here to help you achieve whatever it is you want from this experience.  Candidly some people want only the product experience. We will help then with the selection that makes the most sense for their goals.  For those interested in making an extra $300- $500 a month, we have a program that will guide you to achieving that goal in about 90 days or so.

Some are interested in building a substantial business earning six figures annually or more. We have the exact programs that will guide and support the achievement of your goals as you define them.

Marketing Systems and Mentoring Systems Are The Key To Your Success!

No one system is the best for all who are interested. We have a proven system that has been perfected in the last 20 years. Within that system there is flexibility depending on your experience and interests.  If you choose to join our team,  you’ll receive access to vast amounts of valuable business knowledge and  marketing training for free.

Personally I  specialize in Direct Response Marketing and increasingly I am using Social Media Marketing combined with proven Internet Marketing techniques.

Our Mission is Helping Others Achieve  Their Health and Lifestyle Goals.

Everything we teach you is duplicatable which is very important for successful growth in this industry.   EVERYONE has an equal opportunity. After all, if you don’t succeed neither do we.

Regain Control of Your Life!

We strongly believe that everyone should be able to own their own lives. No one should be able to control your income, tell you how much you’re worth, what kind of school your kids must go to, when you can eat lunch or how long of a vacation you can take.

Our mission is to provide the best systems, business consultation, information and mentoring to people who want abundance and freedom in their lives.

We will teach you everything we know about making money with this business if you’re serious enough to take some action. We tell it like it is, and do our best to over-deliver and give people tons of valuable information.

LIMITED AVAILABILITY: We can only personally mentor a limited number of individuals at any given time, so all we ask is that you’re absolutely serious about earning an above-average income.

If we mutually decide to partner together, prepare to develop a whole different outlook on life, money, and success. Get ready to get inspired and to truly re-create your life into anything you want. Anything.

By the way, we do not chase after people. We will not be calling you and trying to convince you to join us. One of the criteria we have for working with someone, is that they have to be serious enough to pick up the phone and call. If you feel we may be the right people to help you achieve your goals, follow the first couple of videos we send you and then call us right away. My phone number will be included with each email you receive.

Let us share our vast knowledge with you and help you achieve your goals. When you join our group, you get complete access to us.

This is about YOU changing YOUR financial situation. If you’re serious about changing  your life forever, let us know.

Our goal is to help you make lots of money so that you can make choices, because that’s what true freedom is all about!

Thanks for learning more about us and the business we’re personally involved in. We sincerely appreciate you investing your valuable time in getting to know us better and we look forward to serving you!

Whether we do business together or not, we hope you find all the success that you desire.

To Your Success,

Steve Pohlit

Jim Moyles

Unicity Bios Life Franchise Owners

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